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Clinical Staff

This clinical staff consists of dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Our Dental Hygienists

The hygienists staff is comprised of licensed, registered dental hygienists who have experience in the field of between five and twenty-five years. Once employed at our office, there is little reason to practice elsewhere ... they will tell you that!

Linda C.
~ 1987 ~

Lisa C.
~ 2002 ~

Michelle A.
~ 2003 ~

Carolyn W.
~ 2003 ~

Maribeth C.
~ 2008 ~

Lee B.
~ 2010 ~

Jenn A.
~ 2012 ~

Shirley C.
~ 1985 ~

Our hygienists primary concern is the prevention of dental disease and the recognition of caries, soft tissue and head and neck abnormalities, and periodontal disease. They are all licensed, experienced, and proficient at dental radiography, an invaluable tool in the diagnosis and treatment of dental disease. They are all skilled in the use of the most current technology in their field, including ultrasonic scaling and placement of anti-bacterial medicaments, as well as the more common procedures as scaling and root planning.

Often times, a patients first clinical experience in our office is their cleaning and exam. Our hygienists pride themselves on creating an experience that builds a lasting relationship and allows a patients' needs to be treated in a comfortable and respectful manner. Our hygienists are extremely comfortable with all patients, whether they are two years old or 92 years young. They are all trained in eliciting a useful medical/dental history and are skilled in the important and critical relationship between medical and dental health. They provide an important bridge between the patient and the treating dentist.


Our Dental Assistants

Our dental assistants work closely with the dentist and are all certified and licensed in dental radiography. They have experience ranging from three years to twenty-five years.

Laura G.
~ 1989 ~
Dr. Caron's Assistant

Kimberly M.
~ 2005 ~
Dr. Bagdasarian's Assistant

Kelley D.
~ 2008 ~
Dr. Bryant's Assistant
Jenifer E.
~ 2004 ~
Triage/Emergency Assistant

Their primary role is to assist the dentist in all their procedures as well as preparing the operatories and maintaining the cleanliness of our work areas in the highest standard. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of our practice and often times will be actively participating in care delivery by exposing radiographs, taking impressions, or adeptly communicating instructions. They can be your best friend in the office as their job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, as your treatment proceeds.