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Front Office Staff

The front office staff at North Deering Dental Associates in Portland, Maine is comprised of four receptions and one bookkeeper.

Joanne S.
~ 1991 ~

Christine M.
~ 2013 ~

Diane N.
~ 2002 ~

Jodi P.
~ 2012 ~

Lisa T.
~ 2006 ~

First Impressions Count

A patient's first encounter with our dental practice is usually through our receptionists, either personally or by the telephone. These dedicated professionals' primary role is to assist you, as the patient, in any way possible to insure a smooth transition into our dental practice. They all have years of experience in customer service and, most importantly, much of that in dental practices, especially ours.

The primary job of our receptionists is to welcome you to our office, make you comfortable, and assist you in making a transition to our family dental practice. They are knowledgeable in appointment scheduling, use of referrals, and proficient in the difficult world of dental insurance. Their intent is to provide to you close, personal attention and make your experience at our office as pleasant and efficient as possible.

The receptionists at North Deering Dental Associates are an invaluable asset to the smooth operation of our family dental practice as well as the critical communication conduit between you and the dental world. They are knowledgeable in all areas of dentistry and actively interact with our referral specialists. They make life in our office controlled, enjoyable, and efficient.

Billing With Respect

Our bookkeeper has been with us for over twenty years. She works behind the scenes in keeping our practice fiscally sound. At this time, we submit insurance claims for our insured patients electronically, which makes it much easier for them. With her twenty years experience in the field, most dental insurance questions can be answered quickly and correctly. She is skilled in the use of Care Credit, credit card transactions, and monthly billing. Her focus is to make payment of services rendered as painless as possible and modify payment plans to assist all of our patients who may require help.

The primary focus of the bookkeeper here at North Deering Dental is to assist you - our patients - in a caring, professional, and understanding manner, respecting your confidentiality at all times.